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(Re)use federated tools


The problem

The number of datasets and dataset owners is large and may cross various levels of government, making it difficult to implement a central solution where all owners unify their data in one system. However, federated/distributed tools for open data collection enable the automatic publication of metadata for each dataset which allow for the creation of a complete index of reusable public information. Users can then access this portal to find the website of the public entity holding the data in which they are interested in.

The solution

CKAN Federated Feature: CKAN has a federate feature and is a useful resource for governments creating an open data portal.

How to open data, Open Data Handbook: This resource outlines different methods for publishing open data online, including establishing a portal or using an existing portal.

Open Data Portal Requirements, Center for Government Excellence: This guide, developed by the Center for Government Excellence at John Hopkins University, contains a set of sample requirements to help governments evaluate, develop (or procure), deploy, and launch an open data portal.

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