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Establish Open Government Portal for data sharing


The problem

Data portals can facilitate the distribution of open data by providing easy-to-access, searchable hub for multiple datasets. They often also act as showcases for reuse of data and as a hub for the interested community. Data portal software can be developed from scratch, bought off the shelf or obtained as open source software.

The solution

CKAN: This Share PSI best practice calls for a platform for publishing open data and the use of the open source package. CKAN, is explicitly mentioned as a tool to help implement this best practice. Additionally, CKAN has an active developer community with which public officials can involve with implementation.

How to open data, Open Data Handbook: The Open Data Handbook, developed by Open Knowledge International, outlines different methods for publishing open data online, including establishing a portal or using an existing portal.

Open Data Portal Requirements, Center for Government Excellence: This guide, developed by the Center for Government Excellence at John Hopkins University, contains a set of sample requirements to help governments evaluate, develop (or procure), deploy, and launch an open data portal.

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