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Categorise openness of data


The problem

Public sector organisations often only consider what data can be open for all. However, there may be some types of data that may also be useful to publish, but can only be shared under certain restrictions. Conducting an initial overview of what data can be opened and establishing a corresponding scheme that indicates the category of openness of data makes it easier for public sector organisations to determine with whom data can be shared. For example, a colour scheme of green, yellow and red to indicate varying level of restrictions can be employed.

The solution

Data Deposit Framework, Oxfam: This data deposit framework is designed to help shape when and how data should be released internally and externally.

Identify and manage risks associated with the release and use of open data, ODImpact Key Findings: Open Data Impact case studies conducted by the GovLab recommends community approach to determining when and how to release data, involving citizen groups and external experts

Responsible Data Forum: This community of advocacy organizations provide resources and advice on how to maintain the privacy of individuals and gain consent such that their data is being used in an ethical way.

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