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Develop an Open Data Publication Plan


The problem

Due to various constraints of public sector bodies, not all potential public sector information may be made available at one time. Therefore these organisations should develop an Open Data publication plan that balances the requirements and needs of all stakeholders, both internal and external, with the available resources as well as the potential benefits and risks associated with the publication of the identified datasets.

The solution

How to open data, Open Data Handbook: This section outlines how to put together an Open Data release roadmap, which is one of the key aspects of this Share PSI best practice.

How to make data public, Open Data Policy Guidelines, Sunlight Foundation: This resource gives specific instructions on how to develop an open data publication plan.

Open Knowledge Network: Public sector should consider utilizing some sort of public comment/feedback mechanism that leverages the Open Knowledge Network and civil society more broadly. Github presents a potential platform for this.

How to plan and budget an open data initiative, The Open Data Institute: This guide, developed by The Open Data Institute, helps governments plan the costs and data prioritization to guide an open data publication plan.

Open Data Readiness Assessment: This tool, developed by the World Bank, helps identify current government state to determine where they can go in terms of open data.

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